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Media Release: Monday 7th December, 2015

In order to accommodate the ever increasing demand for Ray Rose shoes, the Ray Rose UK (head quarters) warehouse will be undergoing a significant expansion in December of this year. 

Because of this, and the subsequent re-organisation of their stock, we wish to inform you that orders that are not in stock here in Australia may be delayed possibly till January, 2016.

Ray Rose Australia has stocked up on the highest selling styles, sizes & heel heights to accomodate and we will do our best to accomodate for all orders during this period for our customers. We would advise any customers intending to place orders to do so ASAP.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks for your valued business throughout this year, and we would like to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!

Kind Regards,
The Ray Rose Team


Media Release:  1st February, 2014

In 2014 we will be making some changes to our range, including a number of exciting products which we hope to introduce in a few months time.

In the meantime, we would like to notify you of some changes, which are already in effect, that you may not be aware of.

Ballroom Upgrades:
In 2012 we began introducing high quality orthotic inserts into both our ladies' and men's Ballroom ranges. These have proven to be extremely popular, and the feedback we have received from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. We are very pleased to confirm that all of our ladies' Ballroom models (with the exception of the 103 Sirocco) now include both arch and metatarsal supports, and all of our men's Ballroom models (with the exception of the 338 Tundra) are now produced with our revolutionary 'Pro-Glide' heel, as well as removable, washable inserts* with arch supports.
*Removable inserts are not available to purchase separately.

Carmen - Mocha Satin
We regret to inform you that our supplier has discontinued production of the Mocha coloured satin. Unfortunately, we will therefore be ceasing production of the C111 Carmen  model in the near future. We will continue to produce this model until our remaining stock of satin has been depleted, at which point we will not be able to produce any more.

This does not affect production of the C222 or C333 Carmen models, which will both still be available to purchase in New Flesh Satin. 

Suede Base Heel Protectors

We are pleased to confirm that we are now offering heel protectors with suede tips for all of our flared heels and our slim ballroom heel. These are available to purchase in individual pairs, and the flared variations are available in packs of 5 at a reduced price.

If you have not already been provided with a copy of our updated price list which includes the Suede Base Heel Protectors, please contact your usual sales representative who will be happy to send you one.

Kind Regards,

The Ray Rose Team


Media Release: 2nd December, 2012

Click to see larger imageOver the past year we have invested in research & development to continually make our Dancing Shoes better which includes a number of exciting additions and developments to our current dancing shoes range. Most notable of which are the upgrades we have made to our Ballroom Dancing Shoes, and the introduction of our new 'Pro Sport' dancing shoes range.

Our Ladies Ballroom Dancing Shoes will be manufactured with one of our new 'Sports Inner-Soles', which has both arch and metatarsal supports to provide the highest level of support and comfort possible.

Our Mens Ballroom Dancing Shoes will now all be produced with a 'Sports Inner-Sole' which has an integral arch support and is removable and washable. The majority of our Men's Ballroom Dancing Shoes will also have our new 'Pro Glide' heel. This unique heel provides the shock absorption and support of our previous 'Comfort Pro' heel, and has an extended, countersunk heel tip to prevent the suede from peeling off with constant wear.
Click to see larger image

See diagrams for the various inner soles used. For more in depth information, please feel free to Contact Us.

The brand new 'Pro Sport' range includes four models with advanced specifications. We recognize that Ballroom & Latin Dancing has evolved over the years to become more athletic, and therefore we believe that dancers need suitable footwear to reflect this. The Dancing Shoes in this range have been meticulously designed to provide the ultimate level of comfort, and minimize the strains and stresses placed upon the Dancers Feet.

Due to demand for narrow/slim fitting Dancing Shoes, we will now be offering Slim Fit Converters for our Ladies Sandals. These are available for all sizes and colours.
Click to see larger image
Our previously named 'FLEX' shoes have now been renamed 'ULTRA-FlEX'. This is simply to quash the occasional misconception that our other Dancing Shoes are not flexible. This range has also been increased to include the Blizzard 820, Kalahari 860 and Drizzle 825.

The majority of new items introduced for the 2013 range are currently available for order, but please be advised that some may only be ready in 2013. Any requests for these will be
placed on back order, and you will be notified when we expect them to be ready.

We have done our utmost to offer a varied range of high quality products, and we hope that everyone will be able to find something within our range which is suitable for them. However, if you feel that there is a particular shoe which you want, which is not in our range, we may be able to produce custom orders for dancing shoes in colours, fittings, and heels not normally offered on specific styles. Please note
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that such orders are required to be a minimum quantity of 12 pairs. These would have to be the same colour, fitting and heel, but would not have to be the same size.

We hope that you are happy with our new dancing shoes range for 2013, and that we have provided you with sufficient information regarding the new additions. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincerest thanks for your continued custom, and we hope that with your help, we can continue to grow and prosper.



The Ray Rose Team